Weekly poll: How do you transfer files? (Or do you at all?)

Some of us will eventually need (or want) to copy a file from our phone to our computer, or from our computer to our phone. Pictures, videos, work documents — there are plenty of things we want access to from both the desktop (or laptop) and on our phone while on the go. The good part is that there are several easy ways to move those files across, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in the poll this week.

As usual, I like to start telling how I do it, when I need to do it. I mostly live in the cloud, so my documents and photos and things I want to look at from more than one place are usually available. When I do need to move some files around, I’ll use my old favorite — Wifi File Explorer Pro. There may be a better app to do this, but I’m extremely satisfied with this one, know exactly how to use it, and already spent the buck on the Pro upgrade. I like familiarity. I also hate digging out a USB cable.

How do you do it? Or do you even need to do it at all? Vote in the poll and be sure to expand on things in the comments.

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