‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ gets 20-player aerial combat

Yes, slicing your enemies with a lightsaber is one reason to buy Star Wars: Battlefront, but it shouldn’t be the only reason. At Gamescom 2015, Electronic Arts has revealed that it’s adding in an aerial combat sim to the game, entitled Star Wars: Dogfight. The title is a 20-player aerial combat mode that pits Rebel forces against the Empire’s TIE Fighter squadrons, much like the Lucasarts classics of yore. 20 human players will also be joined by 20 computer-controlled ships, meaning that each glorious battle will see 40 craft zooming around at once.

Ordinarily, players will be asked to pick between an A, B, X or Y Wing on one side, or TIEs on the other, but more famous ships are available as a special bonus. For Rebels, the hero powerup is a few minutes flying the Millennium Falcon, while Imperials get to hang out on Slave-1, Boba Fett’s whip of choice. If that’s gotten you super excited, then you can begin dogfighting when Battlefront launches on November 17th.

We’re live all week from Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2015. Click here to catch up on all the news from the show.

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