Get the style you want with the Pujie Black Watch Face

Some watch faces are built to catch your eye, others to supply all the info you could possibly need at a glance, and yet others are filled with more options than you can shake a stick at. Pujie Black Watch Face tries to go for all three, and manages to do it well. This app is really more like several watch faces in one, with its wide array of options for you to choose from. It’s well designed, and made to be customized.

If you’ve ever craved enough customization options that you could get lost for an hour then the Pujie Black Watch Face for Android Wear is probably right up your alley. With all of it’s many customization options, you can tweak just about everything about the face.

The watch face has an understated look, but packs plenty of information. You get an analog, and digital display of the time down to the second. Above the digital display, is the date. Below it you have three information indicators. Each one gets an icon, and the three displayed by default are the battery lives of both your smartwatch and smartphone, along with a readout of the weather.

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