Finally, sunglasses that fit Asian face shapes



No nose bridge? No problem

At least not with this new line of sunglasses, called Covry Sunwear, which specifically caters to Asian faces and others with smaller nose curvatures

It’s a problem that many Asians who shop for sunglasses face: Finding sunnies that actually fit their distinct faces. Traditionally, sunglasses brands — from low-end to luxury — have not designed for smaller curvatures. Covry Sunwear hopes to tap into this underrepresented market

Catching some sun with CASTOR #fuego #weekend

A photo posted by COVRY SUNWEAR (@covrysunwear) on Jul 25, 2015 at 8:29am PDT

"For years we’ve looked and looked far and wide for sunglasses that wouldn’t slide down our noses, hit our cheekbones, and actually fit our faces," said Florence Shin, co-founder of the brand with partner Athina Wang. "Our challenge was to redesign sunglasses that are more inclusive of all face shapes and sizes." Read more…

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