Groupon’s food delivery service brings discounts with every order

Groupon on a TV wall

You’re about to get a fresh alternative to internet-based restaurant delivery services like GrubHub and Seamless. Groupon has just launched the simply-titled Groupon To Go, an order-in service that focuses on (what else?) discounts for your food. The company promises that you’ll get at least 10 percent cash back on every order, which could add up if you’re ordering pizza every week. The offering is only available in Chicago right now, but there are over 500 included restaurants ranging from big chains like Subway to local eateries like Al’s Beef and Ditka’s Restaurant. And don’t worry about waiting long to give it a shot — Groupon is expanding the service later this year, with Austin and Boston among the early highlights. It’ll eventually be available nationwide.

The move comes just weeks after Groupon bought OrderUp (which is still handling deliveries in many areas), and shows how serious the company is about expanding beyond its core service. As Groupon explains to our TechCrunch colleagues, food is already one of its hot-ticket items — it only makes sense that the firm branches out by covering that "last mile" between you and your sustenance. There’s no guarantee that Groupon will lure you away from the incumbents, but the combination of its name and pricing might give it a crucial edge.

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