Final zombies pack for ‘CoD: Advanced Warfare’ hits tomorrow

The latest trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s "Exo Zombies" mode might not feature a megalodon-esque sea-borne monstrosity, but it does have John Malkovich doing his best Werner Herzog impression for the voice over. So there’s that. This final episode takes place fathoms below the ocean surface with Rose McGowan, Bill Paxton (game over, man!), Joe Bernthal and the inimitable Bruce Campbell coming back to tie up the story. "Descent" hits Xbox Live tomorrow with other platforms to come in the future. If you’re a PlayStation fan that’s green with envy, just remember that your early exclusivity period starts with a Black Ops 3 beta and add-ons this fall — there’s even a mode where you murder the undead and chew gumballs in Rapture-esque, art-deco city streets as Jeff Goldblum.

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